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Plug and Play Installation

Using your exisitng network infrastructure, the camera's will stream data to the recording device whether it is local, or in the cloud. Management through a simple interface will allow provisioning of camera's and firmware upgrades at the click of a button.


Easily add more camera's or sites to your setup.

Remote access

Access live feeds and recordings through the Internet or your mobile phone.

Multi-User access

Provide access for security staff or employees so they can monitor offsite.


Add controllable power outlets or sensors to increase awareness and prescence.

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Protecting and deterring

UKH006 - E3110 3.00GHZ CPU & 8GB DDR2 ECC RAM UKH015 - 3065 2.33GHZ CPU & 8GB DDR2 ECC RAM UKH018 - 3050 2.13 GHZ CPU & 8GB DDR2 ECC RAM UKH039 - NO RAM in the server & Have not checked CPU UKH026 - X3210 2.13 GHZ & 4GB DDR2 ECC RAM UKH027 - X3210 2.13 GHZ & 8GB DDR2 ECC RAM